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Fox News reporter calls out White House for blaming skyrocketing ObamaCare premiums on GOP

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A Fox News correspondent blasted the Obama administration for blaming the rising costs of Obamacare on Republicans.

Fox News’ Kevin Corke pointed out “what they’re selling at the White House” when he asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest about the spike in premiums expected in Obamacare plans next year.

“Why do you feel like so many people think the law simply isn’t working?” Corke asked Earnest in a clip from Thursday’s White House press briefing that was being shown on Fox News Channel.

“In spite of the politically motivated attacks against the Affordable Care Act that have been launched by Republicans, the American people are benefiting from the law, and they would benefit even more from the law if Republicans would finally decide to do something other than just score political points,” Earnest responded.

Corke made sure viewers did not miss the crux of Earnest’s argument as he asked Fox host Neil Cavuto, “Did you catch that?”

“It’s not the law, it’s the Republicans’ fault. At least that’s what they’re selling at the White House press briefing,” Corke said.

He then shared some “real numbers” from a recent government report and noted the expected rise in premiums in states like Arizona, facing a 116 percent increase, and Oklahoma with a 69 percent spike. Corke noted the president’s signature health plan is anything but “affordable.”

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