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Worried? Michael Moore lashes out when film clip captures MAJOR pro-Trump buzz

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Talk about flipping the narrative.

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is sweating it that his new film, “Trumpland,” may actually work to help elect GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Either that, or he’s desperate to call attention to the project.

Moore took to social media Wednesday to supposedly mock the candidate’s son, Donald Trump, Jr. — and the right-wing — for plugging the film:

The attention from Trump supporters began when a clip showing Moore giving a speech before an audience in Ohio, where the liberal filmmaker championed the “forgotten working stiff” while delving into the mindset of Trump’s appeal.

Jason Miller, senior communications adviser for the Trump campaign, went so far as to call the excerpt a “must see,” while linking to a BizPac Review article on Moore’s remarks:

And don’t be fooled by Moore’s antics, to include tweeting that this extra attention is only helping him by drawing eyes. He is likely worried:

Really worried.

Regardless of how Moore refutes it, the appeal to many Trump supporters began and ended with the clip that garnered all the buzz. No matter the unlikely source, it spoke truth for so many.

If you haven’t heard it, be sure to catch it here.

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Tom Tillison


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