Brazen Dana Bash questions Trump on ‘taking time off’ … so, he decides to set her straight

It seems like CNN reporter Dana Bash holds Donald Trump to a different standard than she does Hillary Clinton.

With less than two weeks to go before Election Day, the Republican presidential nominee was in Washington D.C. Wednesday for a ribbon cutting at the new Trump International Hotel.

Interviewing Trump in the lobby of his Pennsylvania Avenue hotel, Bash had the nerve to ask the real estate mogul why he took time off from campaigning to attend the ribbon-cutting.

“For people who say you’re taking time out of swing states to go do this, you say?” Bash asked.

Trump, not surprisingly, shut her down.

“I say the following. You have been covering me for the last, long time. I did yesterday 8 stops and 3 major speeches. And I’ve been doing this for weeks straight,” he began.

“I left there for an hour-and-a-half. I’m  going to North Carolina right now, then I’m going to Florida, then I’m going up to New Hampshire,” he continued.  “For you to ask me that question is actually very insulting because Hillary Clinton does one stop and then goes home and sleeps. And yet you’ll ask me that question. I think it’s a very rude question.”

Many viewers agreed with the GOP nominee and applauded the “classic Trump” take-down on Twitter.

Apparently Bash wasn’t the only member of the liberal media to level the biased question at Trump.

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