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Glenn Beck on Trump: ‘I’m not ready to count him out at this point.’ He explains why not to Charlie Rose

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Conservative radio host Glenn Beck admits he has been wrong about Donald Trump and said he is not counting the Republican presidential nominee out of the running yet.

In discussing whether the general election was basically over, Beck explained his view of the 2016 race on Monday on the “Charlie Rose Show.”

“I’ve been wrong about Donald Trump and his performance almost every step of the way,” Beck said, “I’m not willing to count him out at this point.”

“I can’t see it,” Beck remarked about the possibility of Trump getting elected. “But people are really in a different place than even I thought they would be. They’re frustrated. They feel like nobody’s listened to them. They’ve been feeling this way, I think, since George W. Bush.”

Beck noted that Trump’s rise was in part due to the way things played out under President Obama.

“Under Obama, the right really felt like nobody was listening, nobody cared, nobody understood,” He said.  “Poking, prodding, accusing them of being violent or racist when they just wanted to be heard. What’s happened is Donald Trump has tapped into this, and he has taken the small number of people on the alt-right that are racist and they have energized this movement. I think because people are in a position now where, unfortunately, some want to burn the whole thing down. I don’t know how it’s gonna play out.”

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