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CNN’s Blitzer dismisses Project Veritas videos of Dem operatives — ‘We haven’t confirmed’ if they’re real

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The latest bombshell Project Veritas videos were dismissed by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer who said they had not yet been confirmed as authentic.

“We haven’t confirmed those videos,” Blitzer responded on Monday’s “Situation Room” as the Republican National Committee’s Sean Spicer referred to revelations from the videos showing liberal operatives planning violent disruptions at Donald Trump rallies.

Blitzer had begun the interview asking Spicer if he was upset about Trump’s attacks on reporters like CNN’s Jim Acosta.

“Violence is never acceptable, whether it’s at a reporter or any other human being, so, you know, all violence should be denounced,” Spicer began. “Ironically, I mean, it was Hillary Clinton’s campaign, as we found out in a video today, that’s been part of an effort with the DNC to — to incite violence at rallies, Trump rallies. The videos that came out today show that there was a coordinated effort from high up in the Democratic operative world between the DNC and Hillary Clinton to incite violence.”

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The RNC’s chief strategist said he was “shocked that that hasn’t been covered more, considering all of the faux outrage from the Clinton campaign over some of the things that have gone on.”

But liberal champion Blitzer dismissed Spicer’s claims and demonstrated the double standard of ignoring accusations against those on the left.

“Well, we haven’t confirmed those videos, but I will say this. When you hear some of the things that are uttered at these Trump rallies and the threats that are made at the working news media, the reporters, the photographers, the journalists who are there, it gets pretty scary from time to time,” he complained.

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Spicer again denounced all violence but doubled down on what the videos have exposed.

“I think Hillary Clinton should answer the questions about whether or not her campaign and the DNC were actively paying operatives to incite violence at rallies. That to me seems like a very, very big question that deserves an answer.,” Spicer said.

“And it’s worthy of reporting, to be sure and we will follow-up,” Blitzer replied.

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