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Hillary threatens campaign staff with harsh fines and penalties, but wait until you hear the offense

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What a lot of nerve.

In an amazing display of hypocrisy, Hillary Clinton’s campaign does not allow employees to use personal email addresses to conduct official business.

The policy is standard in many companies, including the State Department where Clinton served while using her own private email server. The Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign staff were directed to use email accounts that they were provided, according to a hacked copy of an employee handbook.

“Staff are provided an e-mail account for Campaign business use only. Employees must use their Campaign-provided e-mail accounts for all correspondence regarding or related to the Campaign’s business,” states the handbook which was part of an email from campaign chairman John Podesta’s account breached by WikiLeaks.

“Employees cannot use personal email addresses (.gmail, icloud, etc.) to conduct Campaign business,” it states.

Ironically, the email also included document retention policies for the Clinton campaign, instructing employees on the requirement to keep documents for future reference.

“Failure to retain documents subject to a litigation hold can result in the imposition of harsh fines and other penalties on HFA and, in some cases, on the individual,” the document stated.

The former secretary of state apparently ignored similar document retention policies at the State Department as thousands of emails under her tenure have been deleted.

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Frieda Powers


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