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Even MSNBC’s Scarborough is ripping the media ‘freak out’ over Trump’s rigged election quip

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For the second time in little more than a week, Donald Trump found an unlikely ally in MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

“The Morning Joe” co-host was commenting on the media’s reaction during Wednesday’s presidential debate when the GOP nominee said the system is rigged against him and refused to confirm whether he would accept the election outcome.

“This is an example, the media got something they can absolutely freak out about and claim that he’s an agent of Vladimir Putin and destroying democracy in America,” Scarborough said.

“As a Republican,” he continued, “I have listened to Democrats talk about the only two times we won the White House in like 800 years, that we stole both elections.”

Scarborough pointed out the hypocrisy of Democrats condemning Trump for saying the media is corrupt and have “poisoned the minds of the voters” when they’ve been “whining for 16 years” about the outcome of the 2000 election, when George W. Bush narrowly edged out Al Gore.

“They’re still writing articles about how Bush stole the elections in 2000 and 2004,” he said.

“So this holier-than-thou attitude about ‘This is the first time anyone has suggested that the election is not a sacrosanct process,’ it’s a joke.”

Many in the media have questioned the 2000 election and Hillary Clinton appeared to agree as recently as last week that it was stolen.

HotAir reported that while campaigning in Miami with Al Gore, Clinton was seen smiling and nodding her head in agreement when the crowd began chanting “You Won!” in response to Gore commenting on how close that election was.

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