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‘That’s not fair!’ MSNBC host asks Kellyanne Conway how she can go home and face her kids at night

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It wasn’t an interview, it was an ambush!

MSNBC chose to dismiss emails and other documents exhibiting ethics violations and possible criminal behavior by Hillary Clinton and her staff in order to focus on decades-old unsubstantiated claims directed at Donald Trump.

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle didn’t want to hear anything about Democrat Hillary Clinton’s scandals during her combative interview Wednesday with Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

Clip via MSNBC

“The fact is, is that … if you see the evidence there, and we’re going to ignore the evidence in front of us … from anti-Catholic bigotry … to her campaign chairman saying he only wishes the San Bernardino killer was named Chris –”

Rule interrupted and brought the conversation back to the Republican presidential nominee.

“You’re a mother, you’re a woman,” Ruhle said. “Are you more offended by the phrase ‘average American’ or grabbing a woman’s genitals?”

Conway agreed that the words were “offensive” and “indefensible,” but that there were other issues.

“And when there are six people corroborating the People magazine story, you still say her word against his? Ruble asked.

Conway barely got four words out before Ruhle interrupted.

“You’ve got to look at your kids when you go home at night,” the MSNBC anchor spat out.

“Stephanie, that’s not fair!” Conway replied.

“How’s that not fair,” Ruhle shot back, and when Conway attempted to explain, the host wouldn’t let her.

“Because you know what? I’m not going to allow my kids to watch the debate tonight,” Ruhle said. “I don’t let my kids watch Donald Trump … in fear that he’s going to say to a woman in the audience, ‘You’re fat!'”

Much of the remainder of the interview was marked by crosstalk, with Conway attempting to talk issues and Ruhle talking over her.

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