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‘This is Watergate’: Trump blasts Republicans for weak response to news FBI was offered a bribe in Hillary probe

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Donald Trump was on the important issues plaguing the American people Monday night.

Trump took a moment with Fox News’ Carl Cameron to discuss the bombshell revelation that a top State Department official offered a “quid pro quo” and repeatedly tried to influence the FBI to declassify an email marked “Secret.”

Trump didn’t  hold back and called the move a “criminal act” and noted that the alleged crimes being unearthed are bigger than Watergate, he said before holding a rally in Wisconsin.

He also threw criticism at Republicans for not jumping all over the scandal.

“It’s a crime, and I hear the Republicans are going to hold hearings after the election, why would you hold them after the election? We want to hold those hearings before the election,” Trump told Cameron. “It’s a criminal act and it’s incredible that they can do this and get away with it.”

“I mean, you’d think you’d hold these hearings frankly immediately, this is serious stuff,” Trump told Fox News. “This is big stuff. This is Watergate.”

Cameron then pressed Trump on his riff with the Republican Party and with Paul Ryan in particular.

“I’m trying to unite the party,” Trump insisted.

“I mean every once in a while Paul will stand up and say he disagrees with this or that,” he told Fox News. “For instance when I talked about a rigged election, when I talk about the press taking people with no case whatsoever and putting them on the front pages.”

Cameron also used the moment to press Trump on the sexual allegations recently waged at him, which Trump continued to deny.

Trump mentioned several witness testimonies in his favor that say the allegations are unsubstantiated, but that did not appease the Fox News reporter.

“It didn’t even take place,” Trump said after Cameron continued to press for “evidence.”

Trump got back to the issues, and carried the talk of the FBI and State Department dealings to his supporters when he took the stage.

“This is one of the great miscarriages of justice in the history of our country,” he told the crowd and said that Under-Secretary of State, Patrick Kennedy needs to resign.

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