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SNL has done plenty of hit jobs before; see why this one made Donald Trump go off

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Donald Trump was not amused by the political satire on display Saturday night on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” and he took to social media to make that clear, insisting it’s “[t]ime to retire the boring and unfunny show.”

In a skit featuring uber-liberal Alex Baldwin playing Trump and Kate McKinnon continuing her brilliant interpretation of Hillary Clinton, Saturday Night Live revisited last week’s presidential debate, which the GOP nominee described as a “hit job” on a Twitter rant early Sunday.

Trump’s key point of contention appears to be that the media is rigging the 2016 election, which is a not entirely inaccurate play on the power of pop culture to shape national elections — pop culture dominated by the left.

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As for hits, Trump acknowledged the media’s portrayal of a video capturing him saying lewd things about women has had a negative impact on his support from the demographic — a portrayal featuring “events THAT NEVER HAPPENED,” he insisted:

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