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Philly cheesesteak joint started by Italian immigrants removes iconic ‘This is America – Speak English’ sign

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When the removal of a sign becomes a sign of the times…

In the open border utopia ushered in by President Barack Obama, it’s no longer socially acceptable to think Americans speak English and thus, down comes a famous sign at Geno’s Steaks in South Philly.

More from Fox News:

Geno’s has held its prominent location at South Philadelphia’s ‘cheesesteak junction’, at the diagonal meeting of 9th and Passyunk–and across from cheesesteak originator “Pat’s”, since 1966, but Vento’s contentious sign set it apart from the rest.

Joey Vento, who died in 2011 at age 71, drew regional and national attention over his “This is America, When Ordering Speak English” sign posted to the walk-up window at ‘Geno’s’.

After Vento’s death, his son Geno, named for his father’s shop, apparently decided to take the sign down.

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Turns out, the descendant of Italian immigrants never refused service to anyone and said he posted the sign as political commentary on illegal immigration, according to Fox News.

Geno’s Steaks released a statement on the removal of the sign, saying it’s time to move on.

“While Geno continues to honor his father’s traditions of good quality food, cleanliness and giving back to the community, he has decided that after 10 years it is time to move on,” the statement said.

“It’s not about the sign. It’s about what you do and what your mark in life is, and Geno wants to change that mark in life.”

Geno’s was in the news recently when GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, who is strongly opposed to illegal immigration, came by for a cheesesteak while campaigning.

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