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Idiocy at the White House

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Ready for an all-new exercise in idiocy?

The Vice President of these United States has gone on national TV to reveal to the world that we are making plans to cyber-attack Russia. This idiotic action, by a militarily clueless politician, to telegraph America’s intentions in a cold-war environment, is the epitome of naiveté.

So here is the veep on “Meet the Press”, in what he considers a “warning” announcing the intentions of his boss, apparently thinking this is some sort of clever psychological warfare move. I’m sure the Kremlin is quaking in their boots.

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Apparently no one in the White House has ever taken a class in 101 military strategy: you do not tell your adversary what your next moves will be. Biden joins Secretary of State John Kerry in the exercise of toothless diplomatic warnings, made for public relations purposes to fool the American public into thinking that the Obama White House is not sitting around on their thumbs.

It’s like the schoolyard bully who pushes some kid to the ground. The kid gets up, brushes himself off and says to the bully: “You better watch out or I might prepare to push you back.” Oh yeah, that’s really effective– for sure, the bully will be frightened to his core.

How the admired mighty have fallen, because of incompetent leaders like Biden and Obama. The world once hung on every word uttered by a U.S. president. Now, after eight years of events that demonstrate a profound lack of good judgment, there is not much left for this administration to do but pine for the glory days when our country was respected by our allies, and feared by the world’s bullies.

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John R. Smith


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