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Staff feared Hillary’s ‘character problem’ – she views following laws as ‘bending to their will,’ email reveals

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WikiLeaks has published a ninth batch of emails from Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta and the documents reveal a conversation where the Democratic nominee’s character is questioned above her well-established issues with trustworthiness.

The email in question effectively follows up on a previously released email that highlighted an exchange about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server between Podesta, Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton’s director of communications, and Neera Tanden, head of the Center for American Progress, that said apologies are the candidate’s “Achilles heel.”

The more recent discussion shows Tanden saying Clinton’s “inability to just do a national interview and communicate genuine feelings of remorse and regret is now, I fear, becoming a character problem (more so than honesty).”

“People hate her arrogant, like her down,” she added.

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Alana Mastrangelo, the Ohio regional director for Turning Point USA, posted a clip of the email on social media:

Tanden previously served as Clinton’s deputy campaign manager when she was running for Senate in New York in 2000.

…and it appears she’s still dispensing advice.

“I see no downside in her actually just saying, look, I’m sorry. I think it will take so much air out of this,” Tanden continued. “She always sees herself bending to ‘their’ will when she hands over information, etc. But the way she has to bend here is in the remorse. Not the ‘if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t do it.’ A real feeling of, this decision I made created a mess and I’m sorry I did that.”

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