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Donald Trump groping Rudy Giuliani IN DRAG – The libs’ latest smear on Trump will make you laugh

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It seems everything but the kitchen sink has been thrown at GOP nominee Donald Trump in an attempt to slow his bid for the White House, well… here comes the kitchen sink.

A parody video featuring Trump and then-New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani dressed in drag has now entered the 2016 election. Produced in 2000 for the annual “Inner Circle” show, the female Giuliani is seen sampling perfume at a department store and asks Trump for his opinion. But things take a sudden turn for the worse when the real estate mogul gets a little too close.

“Oh, you dirty boy you!” Giuliani cries out. “Donald, I thought were a gentleman!”

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“You can’t say I didn’t try!” Trump replies with a shrug as he looks into the camera.

The New York Post published the video on its website, suggesting it “takes on a twisted new air in light of the rash of sexual harassment accusations against the Republican standard-bearer.”

22 days to go.

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