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Undercover video: Russ Feingold admits Hillary might use executive order for gun control

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James O’Keefe is at it again, this time releasing a eye-opening Project Veritas video exposing high-brow Hillary Clinton supporters saying the Democratic nominee, if elected in November, will use the power of the presidential pen to severely curtail the 2nd Amendment.

O’Keefe also highlighted an email published by WikiLeaks showing Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon saying Clinton would support using executive actions to address gun control issues.

Donning a wig and a pair of glasses, O’Keefe attends a private fundraiser for U.S. Senate candidate Russ Feingold, hosted by Clinton friend and donor Amy Rao at her home in Palo Alto, California — Feingold is running in Wisconsin, but taught at nearby Stanford University, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

In the video, the candidate is asked what Clinton might do about the Second Amendment and he replied, “Well, there might be an executive order.”

“Oh, so she can,” the questioner responded.

Feingold pointed to an effort by President Obama to use executive orders for that purpose.

“He did some executive orders with the aspects of waiting periods,” he said. “But what we all need is the Senate, have her [in the White House], and then put pressure on the House. And we might win the House.”

Even more disturbing is a conversation O’Keefe recorded with Rao, where she said Clinton wants to ‘shut it down’ — an apparent reference to the Second Amendment?

“If we can get guns away from everyone in this country,” Rao told O’Keefe. “She’ll close the loopholes, get rid of assault weapons, she’ll get rid being able to buy unlimited bullets, she’s gonna make all that stop.”

And Rao was confident that Hillary Clinton would pull it off.

“You’re never going to get guns totally out of their hands. It’s the Second Amendment, right?” the Clinton donor stated. “But you can get sensible gun laws passed and Obama didn’t do it. If anyone can do it, she’ll do it.”

Tom Tillison


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