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High school librarian’s Donald Trump stunt backfires bigtime

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A Texas high school librarian was suspended after creating a backlash for displaying messages on cardboard cutouts of the presidential nominees.

The life-size cutout of Donald Trump at Longview High School featured the message to students: “Sign in or you will be deported.” The sign on the Hillary Clinton cutout read, “This is the only door to use. Only deplorables use the other door.”

The librarian was suspended for two days without pay by the Longview Independent School District, which issued an apology for the display, the Longview News-Journal reported.

“We regret that this situation occurred, and apologize to the students, staff and members of the community offended by the display,” Assistant Superintendent Jody Clements said Thursday. “It does not represent the views or goals of Longview Independent School District.”

The cutouts were placed at the school library door, but it was reportedly the one of Trump that offended some Hispanic students who complained.

“My nephew was upset about it, and there were several other students who were upset about it,”  Veronica Lu told the News-Journal on Wednesday. “Some students felt like they don’t belong here — like a certain race of people do not belong here.”

Officials took immediate action once they were informed about the cutouts on Wednesday, according to District spokeswoman Sarah LeBus. The offending cardboard displays were removed and the librarian was issued a written reprimand.

“Because this campaign has been so divisive, this comes off as being very insensitive,” LeBus said.

In September, a different Longview High School employee was reprimanded for wearing a “Black Lives Matter” shirt to school, according to the News-Journal.

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