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These cops are facing discipline because they are Trump fans . . . see what they did wrong

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A video posted by Donald Trump led to unintended consequences for some San Antonio police officers.

The officers face disciplinary measures after video on Trump’s Twitter account showed several of them wearing the trademark red “Make America Great Again” caps and posing for pictures with the Republican presidential nominee on Tuesday, KABB Fox 29 reported.

According to Police Chief William McManus, the officers violated policy that bans employees from getting involved in political activity while serving as city employees.

“The officers wearing the campaign hats while in uniform violated SAPD policy and will be disciplined appropriately. SAPD officers are charged with protecting the entire community. The officers displayed poor judgment. I expect them to know better than to give the appearance of endorsing a candidate while on duty and in uniform, regardless of the political campaign or the candidate.”

Mayor Ivy Taylor commented on her Facebook page about the officers’ “lack of judgement.”

“I am deeply disappointed by some of our SAPD officers’ lack of judgement. While on duty, police must be above politics with an obligation to serve everyone equally,” she wrote.  “Everything they do should send that message and today’s actions did not.”

Michael Helle, president of the San Antonio Police Officers Association, said the officers, who were part of the motorcade that escorted Trump to and from the San Antonio International Airport, were probably “caught up in the moment” and not considering the political ramifications.

“At the conclusion of Mr. Trump’s visit to San Antonio, several police officers conducting escort duty were photographed wearing campaign hats at the airport,” Helle said in a statement. “SAPOA historically does not make federal political endorsements. Dignitaries and celebrities often visit San Antonio and treat our police officers with great kindness, respect, and courtesy. Frankly, the officers were most likely caught up in the moment and did not consider the political nature of their actions.”

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Video clip from KABB TV, Fox 29 San Antonio.

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