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Ouch! NY Times reporter who once took heat for Hillary is called an ‘idiot’ in hacked email

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In a recently revealed email, Hillary Clinton‘s press secretary leveled a brutal insult at a New York Times reporter.

Nick Merrill called Times reporter Amy Chozick an “idiot” because he didn’t care for a story she wrote about his boss, The Daily Caller reported.

Chozick wrote that Clinton supporters were questioning the abilities of campaign manager Robby Mook after a disappointing Iowa caucus back in February.

“We’re [sic] people saying Robbie needs to go? Just read in Amy piece – ground was so awesome! What you hearing? Felt badly for her. Wanted a bit more of a win – but it is a win!” Capricia Marshall, who was Chief of Protocol of the United States from 2009 to 2013, wrote to Merrill, according to hacked emails released by DCLeaks.

“No. Amy is an idiot,” Merrill replied. “There wouldn’t have even been time for folks to say that! But that’s not where peoples’ heads are.”

Choziak took a lot of heat for Hillary when Bernie Sanders supporters went after her in June. Choziak had written a gleeful piece calling the nomination for Hillary over her Democrat rival.
That prompted threats against the NY Times reporter.

“Chozick is a huge Hillary supporter, but people have to stop with the threats.” someone wrote in her defense.

When asked for a reaction about the “idiot” comment by The Mirror, Chozick tried to appear unfazed. Perhaps she was, but perhaps not.

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