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Pence dominates Hillary’s attack-kitty Kaine in VP debate, receives praise from some unlikely sources

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Tuesday night’s Farmville, VA vice-presidential debate featured as much a contrast in style as it did substance – Indiana Governor Mike Pence, the cool, calm and collected voice of reason versus Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, the wanna-be attack dog who’s a Rottweiler in his own mind but really resembled more of an ankle biting Chihuahua, constantly reciting obviously memorized talking points and interrupting Pence’s substance with straw-men to knock down.

Analysts after the debate said Pence was interrupted literally twice as much as Kaine, and it seemed like even more than that. But through it all, Pence stayed calm and refused to take the bait, instead choosing to keep the focus on Hillary Clinton’s failed public record.

For his part, Donald Trump spent the entire debate in a Tweetstorm. One of them mentioned the clear fact that Pence was the clear winner:


Many in the media (and others) seemed to agree, including a few surprises:


And finally, a few just for fun:



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