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Obnoxious liberal Sarah Silverman trolls US Marine Corps on Twitter – and they answer her back

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Never one to pass on an opportunity to disparage the fine institutions that define the United States, vile “comedian” Sarah Silverman took time this week to draw attention to a boot-camp abuse scandal that’s hit the Marine Corps.

Taking to Twitter, the foul-mouthed entertainer claimed she has a nephew now “training in Paris Island,” which is a reference to Parris Island, site of Marine Corps recruit training located in South Carolina, and expressed concern about his well being:

More on the scandal from The Washington Post:

It’s the latest wrinkle in the case of numerous drill instructors who are accused of abusing numerous recruits at what is likely the U.S. military’s best-known boot camp. In one incident, Marine recruit Raheel Siddiqui, 20, fell three stories to his death in March after running away from a drill instructor who had hit him. In another, the same drill instructor is accused of putting a different recruit in an industrial-size dryer last year and turning it on multiple times.


Craving attention as she desperately does, Silverman could not let it go at that, tweeting about sending a care package to her nephew that might get him in trouble, before stating the obvious: “I’m a idiot.”

Silverman followed that comment up with a tweet tagging the U.S. Postal Service, claiming she needs to stop shipment on a package she sent… the assumption being the likely non-existent package was to the nephew, who may or may not exist:

Either way, the U.S. Marine Corps gave attention-seeking hard-left comedian the benefit of the doubt and responded via Twitter in five-part reply that concluded with a hearty, “See you at his graduation.”

Don’t count on it, though… too much old fashioned American patriotism takes place at these ceremonies for Silverman:

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