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Another problem for the Clintons! NEW woman is stepping up to confront Bill and his complicit wife

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Kathleen Willey, the woman who claimed that then-President Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her in 1993, announced on Facebook Sunday evening that a new woman will be stepping forward with her own story about Clinton.

“A very brave and courageous young woman will be on Aaron Klein’s radio show tonight. She will tell her story for the first time about her experiences with Bill Clinton when she was a TV reporter in Little Rock,” a post said on the Facebook page “A Scandal a day,” launched by Willey.

The former White House volunteer aide would correct herself a couple of hours later, saying the reported interview will be next Sunday.

“Oops! I just now found out that the interview I just announced that was supposed to be on Aaron Klein’s radio show has been postponed until next Sunday. Sorry!” Willey posted under her own name.

Willey was at the center of a Washington Examiner article published on Sunday, insisting Hillary Clinton should not be exempt from criticism over her handling of her husband’s alleged affairs.

More from The Examiner:

Kathleen Willey — a former volunteer White House aide who accused Bill Clinton of making aggressive, unwanted advances during a private meeting in 1993 — said she holds Hillary Clinton responsible for smearing her and the many other women who have come forward with stories about their treatment at the hands of her husband.

“This no longer about Bill Clinton’s transgressions or his infidelities or girlfriends or sex … it’s not about that anymore,” Willey told theWashington Examiner. “What it’s about is the actions that his wife has taken against the women that he has raped and assaulted.”


Willey has been highly critical of Hillary Clinton’s claims that she committed to protecting women.

“Hillary Clinton’s been calling me a bimbo for 19 years, as well as Paula [Jones] and Juanita [Broaddrick] and Gennifer [Flowers],” she told The Examiner.

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