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Katrina Pierson gets real: Hillary Clinton has ‘failed miserably’ at being a ‘champion for women’

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Donald Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson blasted Hillary Clinton for her track record with women in a fiery debate with a Democratic National Committee member.

Clinton has “failed miserably” as a “champion for women,” Pierson said as she clashed Thursday with Robert Zimmerman on Fox News’ “The Kelly File.” The two were debating whether it’s fair game for Trump to attack Bill Clinton’s alleged past extramarital affairs.

Bringing up the former president’s infidelities is acceptable, Pierson argued, because the real issue is, in fact, Hillary Clinton’s character.

“She knew her husband was cheating on her and she blamed it on the vast right-wing conspiracy,” Pierson said. “She knew that this was happening and shifted the blame onto the women.”

Who could forget Clinton’s demand that survivors of sexual assault must be believed? Except of course for Clinton herself, and her followers.

Zimmerman argued that Trump was trying to take the attention away from controversies surrounding his own past dealings with women by attacking Bill Clinton. Pierson countered that the real issues were the Democratic presidential nominee’s trustworthiness, accountability and hypocrisy.

“You can’t go around blaming other people for what you and your husband have done. That’s the problem,” Pierson said.

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