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Hello Dolly! Lyin’ Hillary doll for $24.99 ‘may not be suitable for all ages’

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And now, America, you too can own your very own “Lyin Hillary” doll.

The “friendly, fun, entertaining” doll can be purchased for just $24.99 with free shipping. Distributed through Gordon Marketing, the 11.5 inch doll features a voice activated chip and speaks when pressed.

“Squeeze ‘The Lyin Hillary Doll’ in the front and center at approximately her waistline,” the instructions read,  “and she will tell one of Hillary’s unbelievable tales. Squeeze her again and she will tell another – 18 of them in all!”

The soft doll sports a classic Clinton pantsuit and is featured in a video commercial that refutes each one of Clinton’s classic “tales” with a counter quote.

At least the doll is guaranteed against defects. That’s more than can be said about its namesake.

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Frieda Powers


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