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Buzzfeed polls readers on presidential preference, quickly adds disclaimer as the results pour in

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A presidential preference poll had to be updated recently because the results were not exactly what its publisher expected.

BuzzFeed recently published the poll for their readership to participate in but the media outlet found it had to issue an update after results that looked like this:



Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was clearly leading in the “poll” with 14.3 million votes. Over 161,000 were listed as “Other” and “I still haven’t decided” scored 152,700 votes. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was dead last with 70,800 votes.

Obviously not a real scientific poll, BuzzFeed nevertheless felt it needed to issue an update right above the results.

“Update: This poll no longer accurately reflects the opinions of real people. Please remember to vote in the upcoming election,” the statement read.

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Frieda Powers


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