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Break down of law and order; California officer escapes violent mob as he’s besieged on city street

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A California Highway Patrol police officer felt the effects of the anti-cop sentiment ushered in by the violent Black Lives Matter movement first hand Sunday and is lucky that he escaped without serious injury.

The white officer was responding to a sideshow of people driving around recklessly and doing tricks in their car in Fresno when he was attacked in his patrol vehicle by up to 40 people, CBS 47 reported.

“F**k the police, n****,”  one of the thugs yelled as the cop drove off. “We run the streets, motherf**ker. You feel me?”

Not only was the mob brazen enough to attack the cop, laughing and celebrating all the way, one of the participants recorded the assault. The video quickly made the rounds on social media.

*Caution: Strong Language

The crowd became hostile when the officer tried to pullover a vehicle burning donuts in the intersection, with dozens of people surrounding his vehicle and attacking with hands and feet.

The group broke several windows and did up to $12,000 worth of damage before the cop could safely drive away.

“I cant really speculate what the crowds intent was, but what they did do absolutely was attack a vehicle with an officer inside of it,” Fresno Police Lt. Mindy Casto told CBS 47.

Here’s another angle of the attack posted on Twitter that captures the break down of law and order in the streets of America under President Barack Obama’s tenure:

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