‘Thanks a lot, b***h!’ Al Jazeera journo bites off colleague’s head in pre-debate media scrum

Imagine the outcry if a male journalist had snapped like this at female colleague.

Al Jazeera’s Kimberly Halkett became very angry when caught up in a pre-debate media scrum and wasn’t able to catch up with billionaire Mark Cuban, the Daily Mail reported. When it became clear that Halkett lost her chance for an interview, she turned around and let a fellow female reporter have it.

“Thanks a lot bitch!” Halkett can clearly be heard yelling on video that took all of about four seconds to spread across social media. Washington Post’s Dalton Bennett posted the outburst with the caption, “Scrum pleasantries. The show hasn’t even started but things are off to a great start.”

Already the gif-clip has garnered nearly 10m views, while reaction poured in on Twitter.

Lucky thing that the outburst came from a woman, because the fiery tirade was largely viewed as humourous.

It really kind of did. She might be sore today.

No, this is no joke. This is the 2016 presidential election cycle. Glad you finally arrived.

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