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Sit back down, chump! Lester Holt gets tired of waiting for Trump’s handshake after debate

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What’s a major political event these days without at least one glaringly awkward moment?

Those who watched the debate until the bitter end may have noticed a strange exchange – or lack thereof – between Donald Trump and moderator Lester Holt.

After the debate had finished Hillary Clinton made her way to Holt and shook his hand before working the crowd. When Holt moved to shake Donald Trump’s hand, well, it didn’t go as the moderator had planned.

When it was clear Trump was already engaging the crowd and not waiting in line for a handshake Holt awkwardly sat back down.

It was then that Holt got Trump’s attention who came over and shook his hand.

Even thought the awkward moment could have been an oversight, there were plenty of people who suspected it was intentional.

Holt gave plenty of Trump supporters reason to believe Trump was upset with him.


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