James Woods slung some zingers during the debate, but one absolutely devastated Hillary

While the reviews continue to come in on Monday’s first presidential debate, it’s nice to know there is one person who can always be counted on to tell it like it is.

Actor, conservative, Hillary Clinton-critic and an adept Twitter user, James Woods kept up a running commentary during the debate as he blasted Clinton with one devastating truth-bomb after another.

Some of his sarcastic and scathing tweets hit the nail on the head, including these winners:

And in one direct blow, Woods offered a devastating comment.

Woods did not stop there though, as he tweeted a response to Clinton’s remarks and even called out NBC for its biased coverage.

It may have still been early in the debate when he praised moderator Lester Holt who has been slammed for his pro-Clinton bias during the night.

At least Woods is never afraid of telling it like he sees it.

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