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Howard ‘screaming’ Dean just accused Donald Trump of using cocaine – even his own side found the irony

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Howard “screaming” Dean must still be sore about losing his Democrat presidential candidacy in such a humiliating way.

During Monday night’s debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Dean suggested Trump was using cocaine.

Trump was notably sniffling through the first part of the debate. Sensitive microphones were obviously able to pick up anything and everything, including a mild case of postnasal drip.

That’s not to suggest that Trump was temporarily suffering from a cold, or allergies, but to suggest that the notoriously clean and sober Trump was engaging in hard-core illegal drugs, was a really bad and desperate joke at best.

His comment generated a lot retweets, but also a lot of scorn, including from those who don’t necessarily support Trump:

Actually, they don’t. But still…

But lest we forget who we’re talking about here:


Sure seems that way.

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