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Clinton’s grandstanding rejected by Charlotte, Trump mocks ‘Crooked Hillary’

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was quick to pounce on rival Hillary Clinton after her campaign postponed a trip to the beleaguered city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Following a plea by Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts for the presidential candidates to please refrain from coming and further taxing the city’s “very stressed resources,” Team Hillary said late Friday they were postponing a scheduled Sunday visit.

A visit announced earlier the same day… which gave Trump all the ammunition he needed.

Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri said in a statement: “Hillary is grateful for, and intends to honor, the invitation from faith leaders to visit with the Charlotte community. After further discussions with community leaders, we have decided to postpone Sunday’s trip as to not impact the City’s resources.

“She will plan to visit Charlotte next Sunday, provided circumstances allow. In the meantime her prayers are with the people of Charlotte during these difficult days.”

Trump wasted no time seizing on the awkward reversal, taking to social media to say Clinton was trying to “grandstand.”

…a decision he described as “dumb.”


According to Politico, Trump was reportedly considering visiting Charlotte next week following the first presidential debate taking place on Monday. The online news source added that the GOP nominee “has not elaborated on those plans.”

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