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Alabama woman says she can’t find a job… because she doesn’t speak SPANISH

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The closer Americans are to being personally affected by the cultural and economic implications of rampant illegal immigration from the Third World, polling shows the more they seem to be opposed to it.

Which makes sense, of course, because the biggest proponents themselves live in lilly-white neighborhoods and walled-off enclaves, impervious to the consequences of their own policies.

Consider Albertville, Alabama, a working-class town of 21,000 of which 30 percent is now Hispanic – many of whom are likely illegal.

One Albertville resident, 42-year-old Sandra Langlois, insists she has been rejected by prospective employers, not because she isn’t willing, doesn’t have the skills, or can’t read and write, but because she doesn’t speak the right language – in this case Spanish.

That’s right, an American citizen in the heart of the South can’t find work because the poultry-processing plants which have become Albertville’s main employer prefer to hire Hispanics over native-born Americans.

Langlois told CNN, “It’s kind of, really, discrimination. If you’re not here legally, then you need to go ahead and go back home… They need to come over here the right way. Don’t sneak over. Don’t stay here.”

“It’s just not fair,” she continued. “It’s like they’re getting special treatment.”

In fact, a CNN poll shows 27 percent of working class whites believe that immigrants have hurt their job prospects, and 80 percent of those actually favor deportation.

And in the South, where the influx and consequences have been significant, that number jumps to 47 percent.

Not everyone agrees. Albertville resident Ronnie Wise, who, ironically, is unemployed himself, believes “there’s plenty of jobs. You’ve just got to want to do it.”

“A lot of people don’t want to [work in certain jobs], and they (immigrants) will. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have any chicken plants here,” Wise continued.

So, CNN finds an unemployed man to make the case for Hispanics coming here to do jobs ‘Americans won’t do.’ That’s rich!

If anyone should be the poster child for the abolition of welfare in this country, it is this man.

As for Americans who want to work but are having trouble finding it, there’s always a vote for Donald Trump!

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