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Charlotte public defender makes emotional plea during riots: America isn’t all ‘Donald Trump people’

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A public defender in Charlotte, N.C. supported the cause of protesters and said Americans are not all “Donald Trump people.”

“Donald Trump is running for president of the United States. That doesn’t make all the rest of America Donald Trump people. We’re here to make a stance. We’re here to show that we’re not the same. And we’re here to say enough is enough,” Toussaint Romain told CNN’s Boris Sanchez Wednesday as a second night of protests turned violent in the city.

“We can’t lose any more lives man. I’m a public defender, I can’t defend any more people,” Romain said. “People are hurting, man. People are upset. People are frustrated. People need leaders. I’m not trying to be that leader, I’m trying to prevent people from being hurt.”

CNN’s Sanchez had been among those who were affected when police fired tear gas into crowds that were ordered to disperse. He asked Romain about the “civilian-on-civilian violence” occurring, noting the man who was shot by another citizen during the rioting.

“If you were to take this camera and look all around, I don’t see the violence, man. Until the police are running at us,” Romain replied.

“Why did you get tear-gassed? Why did I?” he asked. “When we responded in a way that was frustrated and upset, telling America: ‘This is enough.’ It doesn’t mean I’m violent, man. It means I’ve had enough.”

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