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Dems try to figure out why Trump is outperforming Romney with Hispanics

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Well, this isn’t how it was supposed to go.

Most political pundits had written off any Hispanic support for Donald Trump due to his “controversial” remarks on immigration. But recent polling shows those pundits, at least for now, were wrong.

Not only is Trump holding steady with former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s Hispanic numbers, he is outperforming him in some states.

In Nevada, Hillary Clinton is leading Trump by a much smaller margin than Obama did over Romney, the Hill reported.

In 2012, Obama held a 47 point lead over Romney, while today Hillary is leading Trump by 35 points, according to the Hill. A significant lead, but considerably less than Obama’s, and a shocking discovery to those who thought Trump’s tough-talk on immigration would do him in with Hispanic voters.

A Bloomberg Politics “poll decoder” on Tuesday averaged several national polls and showed Clinton leading by 38 points. Again, this study finds Clinton behind Obama’s 2016 exits poll numbers by six points, the Hill reported.

Republican Hispanic strategist, Lionel Sosa told the Hill that Latinos are concerned about the economy and corrupt government as much as any other voter. “We do have very conservative Latinos who will vote for Republicans, no matter what. There is a base there, just as there is for any group,” Sosa said.

Bad news for Democrats who aren’t sure what to make of it.

“Latino voters may not have come home yet,” Chuck Rocha a Democrat strategist told the Hill.

Or perhaps, some are finding a new “home.”


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