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Brawl outside NFL game: Cowboys fan attacks rival team fan – when did hitting a woman become OK?

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Recent video serves as more evidence that much of the country is regressing into an uncivilized cesspool.

After the Dallas Cowboys beat rivals Washington Redskins in a 27-23 Sunday night game, at least one Cowboy fan had an odd way of celebrating.

Disturbing video shows a man in a Cowboys jersey pull and then hit a woman wearing red before flinging her to the ground.

She remained lying on the ground while the fight escalated, resulting in what looked like another woman being hit before the man was tackled by a group.

The fight went down in the parking lot of the FedExField in Maryland, the Daily Mail reported.

It’s unclear what started the brawl, but fights between fans of the rival teams is nothing new, Daily Mail reported. Last year, a Cowboys fan was reportedly stabbed after a heated Monday night game.


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