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Trump: Hillary thinks ‘hard working Americans are a greater threat to our country than Islamic extremists’

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Donald Trump accused his opponent Hillary Clinton of treating his supporters worse than she does terrorists.

“Hillary Clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does Islamic terrorists, right?” The Republican presidential nominee said Monday at a rally in Estero, Florida. “She calls patriotic Americans who support our campaign, many of them cops and soldiers, deplorable and irredeemable, and she means it. Millions and millions of people.”

“Has she ever talked that way about radical Islam? No. Or about those who oppose and murder women and gays overseas? Has Hillary Clinton ever called people who support these practices deplorable and irredeemable? No,” Trump continued. “Let’s ask Hillary Clinton how many people who subscribe to radical Islamic views and support the oppression of non-believers would you call deplorable or irredeemable? Or are those words reserved only  for hard-working Americans that truly love our country and they want to make a statement?”

Responding to the recent attacks in American cities, Trump pointed to failed immigration policies supported by Clinton and President Obama.

“Attack after attack,” Trump said, “we have seen how failures to screen who is entering the United States puts all of our citizens, everyone in this room, at danger.”

“So let me state very, very clearly:  immigration security is national security.”

“To hear the words Hillary Clinton uses, one could be forgiven for thinking hard-working Americans are a greater threat to our country than Islamic extremists,” Trump continued.

“Anyone who cannot name our enemy is not fit to lead this country,” he said.

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