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What this guy did at Chelsea explosion site caused a big, beautiful buzz! ‘Now that’s America!’

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With all the animosity directed at law enforcement officers — especially since the inception of the Black Lives Matter movement — it sometimes takes tragedy to bring American together again.

And that’s exactly what happened when a young African-American named Germaine appeared at the Chelsea Manhattan bombing site to offer police and fire fighters working the scene coffee from Starbucks.

And with two bomb explosions — this one in New York City and another one in New Jersey — plus a knife attack at a Minnesota mall all occurring during the weekend, this particular scene warmed the heart.

And folks on social media showed their appreciation.

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And that simple gesture, that act of kindness, is exactly what the country needs more of to bring it back together, to show the world that we are — above all else — Americans.

Nonetheless, one person observed:


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