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‘Terrified of Trump,’ but hugging Obama? ‘Little Miss Flint’ pic goes viral, but there’s a BIG lie

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When Donald Trump spoke at Bethel United Methodist Church in Flint, Michigan earlier this week, the GOP nominee took a quick photo with 9-year-old Little Miss Flint, who was wearing her crown and sash.

The young girl, Amariyanna Copeny, looks a little terrified in the photo and Trump’s detractors jumped at the opportunity to use this to disparage the candidate.

Turns out Amariyanna is a busy child, as she wrote a letter to President Barack Obama about the city’s water crisis. This prompted the president to visit Flint in May, according to the MLive Media Group, and while in town, Obama took a photo with the child, who was captured giving him a big hug.

Toronto Star DC correspondent Daniel Dale couldn’t resist juxtaposing that image with the photo of the child’s overwhelmed expression with Trump.

BUT, as is the case more often than not with today’s media, all is not what it appears to be.

It is revealed afterwards that the young girl wasn’t so much terrified of Trump as she was the intense security presence around the candidate.

“I was scared Secret Service would tackle me for touching him and there was a lot of people around yelling,” Amariyanna told local affiliate WNEM.

Her mother, Lulu Brezzell, took to Facebook to say pretty much the same thing.

“Ok ya’ll, that pic is being BLOWN way out of proportion. Mari was not terrified of that man, she still wants to ask him her question,” Brezzell wrote.

“We had to get through the crowd twice to get his attention since he walked out the opposite way he came in (which had her a bit overwhelmed), then with people yelling at him, and add the secret service to the mix, well think how you would feel?” she continued.

When it comes to today’s media, perhaps all stories should lead with: Buyer Beware.

Tom Tillison


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