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Reporters start sniffing after Obama sits on DHS report that likely proves WH fudged facts on illegals

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The Department of Homeland Security is reportedly not telling Americans the full story on illegal immigration at the southern border, burying a report that could disclose the truth about Obama’s failed immigration policy.

In an exclusive report, Fox News correspondent William La Jeunesse revealed that the DHS is refusing to release the information because it allegedly contradicts the administration’s narrative.

“For years we’ve generally been told that the administration catches or deters about 80 percent of the illegal immigrants on the southwest border of the U.S.,” La Jeunesse told Bill O’Reilly Friday on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor.”

According to La Jeunesse, the actual number is 51 percent as revealed in the report which he said was paid for and completed in May, but yet to be released.

Ironically, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson commissioned the report which was done by a quasi-federal agency. But DHS told the consultants working on the report that the White House would have to see the report before it was made public. And with numbers that don’t paint the rosy picture Obama has been portraying, the report remains unseen.

Though he acknowledged he had not personally seen the report, La Jeunesse said he has been “extensively briefed” on it.  “I have seen portions of material from the report that allowed us to make these conclusions,” he added.

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Video clip from Fox News.

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