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Jimmy Fallon pulls out a mask and sanitizer for Hillary Clinton interview – what, no pickle jars?

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Jimmy Fallon was taking every precaution when he greeted Hillary Clinton for an interview.

Poking fun at the Democratic presidential nominee’s recent health issues (which, to some are not at all funny), Fallon pulled out a surgical mask and put it on when he sat with Clinton on the set of “The Tonight Show.”

It is great to have you here,’ Fallon said as he gave Clinton a high-five, which he immediately followed up by using hand sanitizer.

Clinton laughed at the jokes which were a jab at her recent pneumonia and collapse after a 9/11 event in New York City. She had stopped campaigning for a few days in order to get rest and recover.

Fallon did get to “more serious” matters with the former secretary of state, asking her about the challenges of being on the campaign trail.

“It’s especially tricky for women. It just is,” Clinton said. “Because there are a lot of serious things. The other night I was on a show and being asked about ISIS and Iran and I was serious. These are important issues that the country needs to talk about. And the Republicans were saying, ‘Oh she looks so serious.’ Well you don’t talk about ISIS with a big grin on your face.”

No telling yet how Fallon’s sit-down with Clinton will be received but the talk show host was blasted for his interview with Donald Trump last week.

The show featuring Clinton, which taped on Friday, will air on Monday, September 19 on NBC.

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