New Monmouth polls show Hillary’s worst nightmare is coming true, so she’s calling in the Dem cavalry

Donald Trump’s momentum in the latest polls may be piling on top of Hillary Clinton’s already bad week so she’s calling for backup.

New Monmouth University polls show Clinton trailing the Republican presidential nominee in several key states.

Two points is not a landslide but it still shows a shift in polls favoring Trump.

Now eight points is enough to raise some panic in Democrats.

Not to mention other polls released this week that showed Trump up 5 points in Ohio, and making gains in many other key states.

Of course, liberals will soon trash the poll numbers as inaccurate or biased but the Clinton campaign is not wasting any time calling in the cavalry.

Surely this will rally the younger voters?

Well, it couldn’t make things worse for Clinton. Or could it?
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Frieda Powers


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