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‘Undercover nurse?’ Mystery woman appears to take Hillary’s pulse & more just before collapse

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“Who is that woman?” and “Why is she accompanying Hillary Clinton?” everyone wants to know.

The questions were first posed by the UK’s Daily Mail, when it posted a photograph of a “mystery woman” described by the publication as “seemingly checking candidate Hillary Clinton’s pulse, and asking her to squeeze her fingers.”

The timing of the photograph is significant also. It was snapped as she made her premature departure from the memorial — just moments before she collapsed at her van’s entrance.

After the Mail published the photo, a single word kept popping up throughout the Internet: Nurse.

But taking her pulse wasn’t all that was going on as far as Monica Crowley and many others were concerned:

But others thought it could be Clinton’s primary physician — Dr. Lisa Bardack.

And one even provided a photograph for comparison.

If it was Bardack, that could explain why Clinton felt comfortable visiting her daughter after her collapse instead of heading to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Questions about Clinton’s health first arose after she collapsed and suffered a concussion in December, 2012.

They increased when she was seen being helped up stairs, exhibited odd behavior and underwent uncontrollable fits of coughing when speaking.

Even CNN is questioning her and her campaign’s candor on her health issues.

One concluded:

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