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Actor Steven Seagal had a busy night , EXPLODING on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama!

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Actor Steven Seagal has come out in a big way to take one for the team – team America that is.

After a long weekend of heavy news, including Hillary Clinton collapsing at the 9/11 memorial, her deplorable statements about millions of hardworking Americans, and overpaid ball players disrespecting the symbol of freedom so many unselfish soldiers paid the ultimate price to protect, Segal was letting loose.

A nice sentiment, but this only brings the hate out of the haters. But Seagal stuck to his guns.

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Even a Bernie fan from Canada came after him:


In case anyone needs a refresher on how Seagal kicks serious butt, here’s video of some of his top fight scenes. **Warning! Contains adult language and violence.

It must have been great practice for fighting off “progressive” intolerance in cyberspace.

Seagal has been in numerous movies, but some of his best are listed by one fan below:

5: “Hard to Kill”
4: “Exist Wounds”
3: “Above the Law”
2: “Under Siege”
1: “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory”

Do you have any favorite Seagal movies or moments that are missing?

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