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Trump calls for a debate like no other – in order to keep it fair

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Donald Trump wants to take on Hillary Clinton mano-a-mano.

…or would that be mano-a-womano?

Appearing on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Monday, the GOP presidential nominee called for a one-on-one debate with Democratic rival Hillary Clinton without the presence of a moderator, The Hill reported.

“I think we should have a debate with no moderator, just Hillary and I sitting there talking,” Trump said.

Pointing to the criticism NBC’s Matt Lauer received following last week’s Commander in Chief Forum, Trump suggested that is how debates are manipulated by the media and other sources.

“The fact is they are gaming the system and I think maybe we should have no moderator,” he said. “Let Hillary and I sit there and just debate. I think the system is being rigged so it’s going to be a very unfair debate.”

Trump said because Lauer was criticized for being soft on him, the next moderator “is going to try and be really hard on Trump just to show the establishment what he can do.”

“They all said I won and that Matt Lauer was easy on me,” he said. “Well, he wasn’t. I thought he was very professional, I have to be honest. I think he’s been treated very unfairly. ”

“What they’re doing is they’re gaming the system so that when I go into the debate, I’m going to be treated very, very unfairly by the moderators.”

The first debate is Sept. 26 — two weeks away — and will be moderated by NBC anchor Lester Holt.

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