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Tim Kaine’s explanation for why Hillary didn’t disclose her pneumonia diagnosis? A ‘very strong work ethic’

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Democrats are masters of spin.

With Hillary Clinton sidelined by her health, Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine carried on with the campaign, defending his running mate over questions about her health.

“I think, look, the campaign said in retrospect, maybe it would have been better to just say after the Friday, just say, okay, here’s the situation,” Kaine said at a campaign stop in Dayton, Ohio. “But, you know, I lived through something very similar in my first race. I kind of know what the thinking was which is, okay, I’ve got a diagnosis. It’s serious but it’s something a lot of people manage. And so — and, again, this is no surprise to any of you. Hillary has a very strong work ethic.”

Clinton’s thought was to “power through,” according to Kaine. “Her sense was, ‘If I was a little bit sick early in the week,” he said, “‘maybe I can manage this.'”

Kaine also described Clinton as “overheated” after her exit from a 9/11 memorial event in New York and subsequent collapse as she was ushered into a van. He defended her against speculation that she is not healthy enough to continue the White House race, saying “her energy staggers me.”

Meanwhile, on social media, the spin could be smelled a mile away.

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