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The focus groups have spoken, America: Hillary will ‘power through’ her illness

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It’s painfully obvious that Hillary Clinton’s media minions have gotten their marching orders.

Ever since Clinton collapsed at the 9/11 memorial,  mainstream lap-dogs have been desperate to find a way to spin it. And by golly, they’ve found it. Or, at least they’re trying their best.

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook was all over television on damage control duty and not so subtly dropped the clue on what to say.

During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Mook repeatedly used the line that Clinton had “powered through” her supposed pneumonia over the weekend. In fact, after trying to spin the story back on Donald Trump for not releasing his medical records, Mook mentioned Clinton “powering through” her illness six times.

”Yes, she developed pneumonia. Yes, she tried to power through it,” he insisted.

Of course, video tells a different story. Including this close up video not circulated by the mainstream media that shows Clinton succumb to whatever it is that ails her. If it weren’t for her handlers she would have done a major face plant in the middle of the street.

But never mind your lyin’ eyes.

The “power through” message must have resonated with focus groups, as the Washington Free Beacon noted because it spread like wildfire. The following clip shows a quick, but telling montage on how that line is being used by politicians and news media alike to get the message they want across.


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