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Donald Trump’s 20 minute GAME-CHANGER! ‘Did we just witness a moment that would change everything?’

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Donald Trump made what could be the most notable speech of his campaign!

[wpvideo 4lNftl8u]

Speaking in front of National Guard members, Trump was composed and presidential. He was methodical in defending his supporters and called for a “full retraction” from Hillary over her “basket of deplorables” insult.

Trump said he was “deeply shocked and alarmed” to hear Clinton “attack, slander, smear” his voters.

Our support comes from every part of America, and every walk of life. We have the support of cops and soldiers, carpenters and welders, the young and the old, and millions of working class families who just want a better future.


The speech is already being touted by pundits. Immediately following on Fox News channel, the afternoon host was heard saying, “Did we just witness a moment that would change everything?”

Momentum has shifted.


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