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These high school football players are following their coach’s lead – witness the death of American pride

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Ignorance reigns supreme in Barack Obama’s post-racial America.

College campuses are safe havens for hard-left, anti-American ideologues, with social justice warriors all but running many of the institutions. But a shameful incident Saturday at a Camden, New Jersey, football game shows this “progressive” disease has now infected many high schools.

Influenced by the actions of their head coach, all but two football players at Woodrow Wilson High School took a knee during the national anthem, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Head coach Preston Brown and most of his assistant coaches took their lead from $126 million back-up San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, refusing to show respect for the American flag in an ill-informed protest of racial “oppression.”

The team’s players are predominantly black and Brown made them aware of his planned actions beforehand.

“I still love America. I still love our military,” the head coach said. “But this was our way of saying that things have to change in our country. There’s oppression, there’s social injustice, and these kids live it.”

Seniors Edwin Lopez and Tyler Parsons are the two players who stood during the national anthem and America should celebrate these brave, young men.

“I’ve always stood for the national anthem and I wasn’t going to let a little incident in the NFL change that,” Lopez said, according to the Inquirer. “That’s not me.”

Sounding very much like a Democrat, Brown talked about “things that I saw, things that I experienced” as a black college football playing at Tulane University …. located in predominantly black New Orleans, the city former Mayor Ray Nagin famously called a “chocolate city.”

Nagin, currently serving a 10-year sentence for bribery and fraud, was not available for comment.

“I’ve seen what’s happened to people that look like me,” Brown told the Inquirer, before complaining that students are not allowed to go back for “seconds” during lunch.

“You’ve got kids who are in a school system where there aren’t enough quality teachers,” the coach said, failing to grasp the self-fulfilling prophecy of his words. “They’re hungry and they can’t get ‘seconds’ at lunch. It’s so many things that these kids go through.”

Bad grammar notwithstanding.

Tom Tillison


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