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Wapo blogger attacks Trump, runs hilarious interference for ‘supposedly’ corrupt Hillary

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A Washington Post reporter has had it with all this negative focus on Hillary.

Paul Waldman wonders why Hillary Clinton’s not getting a fair shake from the media in an article titled, “Trump’s history of corruption is mind-boggling. So why is Clinton supposedly the corrupt one?”


Right there, before even getting out of the gates, the article loses credibility. Waldman does his best to convict the GOP presidential candidate of supposed nefarious Trump University dealings and  lays out a laundry list of other “scandals.”

Through it all, he can’t seem to figure out why all the focus seems to be on the one who’s been investigated by the FBI.

“For all the controversy he has caused … Trump is still being let off the hook,” Waldman laments.

He took his gripes, and his article, to Twitter where some folks were ready to justify Hillary’s deceitful behavior:

And there were those who saw it entirely differently:



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