Video: Rogue misfire from Disney’s fireworks show explodes on nearby highway, clipping a car

Wow, talk about coming under fire!

A video posted on YouTube over the weekend allegedly captured an errant firework from Disney’s Star Wars fireworks show exploding on a nearby roadway just as a car was passing the very spot.

According to the video description, the vehicle was traveling along a roadway adjacent to Hollywood Studios in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, when an explosion suddenly occurs.

“As we were coming past Hollywood Studios on World Drive, the Star Wars show was happening,” the description explains.

“One of the fireworks must have mis-fired and landed on the road,” the commentary claimed. “It hit the side of a passing PT [C]ruiser, one of it’s hubcaps across the lanes.”

The person posting the video added that “as far as I am aware, no one was injured by this event.”

Tom Tillison


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