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Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson: What the FBI didn’t say was more compelling than doc dump

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Stunning details on the Hillary Clinton email scandal and how she conducted business as secretary of state came out of the FBI’s Friday afternoon data dump.

But investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson found that what the FBI didn’t say was even more compelling. And because the FBI didn’t care to mention those details, Attkisson did.

She took to Twitter to lay her case out:

And now for the parade of “coincidences”:

Ergo, although the Clintons swear up and down that the servers had nothing to do with the former secretary of state, each purchase was coincidental with what was going on in her life — not former President Bill Clinton’s — especially when one considers that no one replaces a seven-month-old server because it’s suddenly an antique.

It was all about Hillary, and her desire to place her own secrets above those of the country she swore allegiance to.

Attkisson’s reasoning received kudos all around.

And she received a plea to keep up the work and was even offered an assignment.

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